Our Story

One summer evening, as we watched a beauty of a sunset and contemplated life on the edge of a great big small town, we realized we had to share the spirit of this place we love. Our idea was born on the banks of Bull Creek in Spring Hill, Kansas. Why not make a damn good bourbon? A premium bourbon that tickles the taste buds with the essence of oak, small town pride, and our American roots. Roots that run deeper than those of the old trees that line Bull Creek.

Remaining true to our blue collar roots, we tasted, we tested and we finally perfected until it was the exact representation of who we are - a “never say quit” working family. Once we filled that first bottle, we brought it to the people we call our own. The crew with muddy trucks and worn tool belts, who work seven days a week without hesitation. Our crew and family, the heart and soul of Bull Creek, gave their stamp of approval and the rest is history!

We then decided why have an amazing bourbon if we don't have somewhere for everyone to enjoy it, so a restaurant was born. What you see today is a vibrant restaurant that hosts live music, events and delicious food. Come check out for yourself our amazing destination venue and come join our family.


(913) 515-3578

20559 S Lone Elm Rd suite c, Spring Hill, KS 66083, USA

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